Son of Scoregasm Update


I’ve not posted much about this lately (though I don’t talk a little about it on Twitter), so i figured i’d make a post about how Son of Scoregasm is going.

I’ll start with a recent video:

So, it’s nearly finished actually. I’m currently working on the last boss level, after which it’ll be spit and polish and a few interface bits and i think i’m about ready to go!

Those of you who’ve played Scoregasm will likely have noticed that it’s got a sort of multiple route thing going on, where you can, to some degree, choose a path through the game. I say to some degree because there are 3 distinct routes laid out in rows, and you can flit between them at the end of each stage. This is cool and all, but for Son of Scoregasm I thought it’d be more fun to make more of this feature, to wit the levels are now arranged in a huge pyramid, just like Ferrero Rocher. Well, except it’s a flat pyramid. Or triangle I suppose, but that’s no fun. It’s a bit like Outrun, happy?


What has stayed from Scoregasm is the variety of level types, so there’s some straight shooty ones, some ones with obstacles/hazards to be avoided, boss levels etc. Also, those of you who are fans of both pointless contextualisation AND biscuits will be please to hear that the King of the Earth is making a return, along with his Family Circle selection box.

What has changed a bit is the scoring. This time around you’ll need to use the pulse attack to kill enemies and get them to drop little green multiplier tokens. Then you can shoot them to score points. This means that if you’re going for a big score you’ll need to work out the best ratio of pulse attacking and shooting to get your multiplier at the right levels and at the right times.

Here’s another video of a boss thingy. It’s a bit noisy at the start, soz:

Both videos are of the game running on the PS Vita BTW.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out, and by the time it’s released i should be about ready to explode with delight! It’ll be coming out on the rather nifty PlayStation Vita first, and following shortly after on Windows, Linux and Macs. It’s written in C this time too, so there’s a chance of a hope it may come out on some other platforms in addition to those, though i’m not sure how well the controls will translate on touchscreens??? Who knows though, right?

Want to know what it’ll be like? Try the original Scoregasm! Handily, it’s on sale at the moment for $.99 (or optionally more!), so you’ve no excuse. Sale is going on here: SCOREGASM SALE. Any cash raised just goes straight into Son of Scoregasm’s development.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Have fun!


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