Bullet Candy 2013

Roar! It’s 2013! And what better way to celebrate than updating a 7 year old game so it works!

Actually, I finished this update a few months ago, but it’s only just made it onto Steam a few hours ago. The previous version was getting pretty clunky, especially at high resolutions for some reason, so i’ve re-written it from scratch with a new renderer. This gave me an opportunity to go over all the weird stuff that the old version did, fix the scoring and all that jazz. What’s more i’m planning on adding more stuff over the coming months when i need a break from my current project, first of which i reckon will be re-instating the full screen feedback effect that’s been missing from the game for ages and re-working the old survival and asteroid modes.

If you’ve got the game on Steam, it’ll probably update next time you log in, and if you got the game from me you should have received some new links to the game a couple of months ago, so check your junk boxes now!


Bullet Candy: A million years ago, it won a GameTunnel Gold Award, so you *know* it’s a winner!

If you’ve not got the game, and think it might possibly be your sort of thing, or maybe you just like 7 year old games, or maybe if you like supporting developers who still update and support their games loooooooooong after there’s any chance of commercial success, then why not consider buying a copy from either Steam or from me or just using one of the reddit or twitter buttons to let your friends know about it. It all helps!

If you want a copy (you get a copy for Windows, OS X and 32bit Linux, plus a Steam code if you want one and i’ve got some left) then type what you think it’s worth in the box thing below (as long as it’s over $1 so that Paypal doesn’t take most of it). Remember to click ‘Return to Merchant’ after you’ve paid, or you might have to wait a little while to get your links. :)

(Min $1USD)

Anyhoo, I’ll be back with more updates for this soonish, plus i may even show some pictures of what i’ve been working on lately. It’s a game about treasure hunting, and it’s got gin, bananas and a giant invincible bear in it.

Have fun!


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  1. Zenitur
    Posted June 8, 2013 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    When the sale will over?

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